Tugger on the Mound
by Marilou (Morrisa983@aol.com)

The outlook sure was brilliant for the Comeback Kids that day
The Series tally stood at 3 games to 2
With Game 6 and maybe 7 still to play...
And then the time was 8:15 and the fans poured in the Vet
The Phillies had the upper hand
BUT...the Royals had George Brett.

Dallas presented his line-up at the huddle 'round home plate
The batting order power-packed
Of course Mike Schmidt was on the slate.
The National Anthem now was sung
"Home of the Brave" resound...
The Phillies ran out on the field
And "Lefty" Carlton took the mound.

He pitched a strong 7 innings
With strike-outs left and right.......
But lo, in the 8th, a walk , a hit...
Things seemed a little tight.

Time out was called right on the spot
As Dallas walked to the mound
He put out his hand to take the ball,
And the crowd, "Lefty's" praise did sound!!!!!

There had been action in the bullpen
The crowd silent as they saw Manager Green glance
The nod was for McGraw!

He approached the infield, red jacket left arm atop
To do his job and nail it down...
To make the Royals stop!
The Tugger would take the mound once again
And all who know of him believe
That he carries the spirit of Phillies' fans
On that mighty left red sleeve!

He only paused for an instant
As he wiped his brow from sweat.
The KC bench all quiet..
And from the crowd there present
Out came a deafening sound...
No one could deny it
Twas the Tugger on the mound!

All the details one can't remember
Like which pitch followed what
The bases loaded, then 3 out
The 4-1 lead was not for naught!
The Tugger had shut the door once again

As the Royals scurried and froze
He got that infield ground ball
And you know how that goes...
From Bowa to Trillo to Rose.

And then in the 9th..3 more to face
Could all who cheered stay sane?
The Tugger took the mound once again
The man with ice water in his veins!

The ninth was more exciting than the 8th could ever start
Tug hurled his pitches one by one
And sure did pound his heart!

The bases loaded one more time
A play of "Rose" design
A foul fly popped from Boonie's glove
BUT...Pete was there in time!

When Pete caught that ball for the second out
You should have heard 'em cheer!
When asked about it later on...He said,
"We practiced that all year!"

Then again 2 were down
Tug needed one to retire the side
The top of the order coming around
Would he leave the mound in pride?

So..."yes" would be his answer
As "the screwball", Boonie said
He hurled it down to Wilson.....
"Strike ONE", the umpire said.

The sound was Oh SO deafening
As the slider next he sent
It was getting more exciting
As the count, strike 2, it went.

Then the Cutty Sark sailed high
But the cheers just didn't cease
And then the Tugger looked up to see
Only those dogs and mounted police!

The 1-2 pitch..the screwball?
NO! It would be the Jamison fast..
Only one more strike he needed
And they'd be World Champs at last!

There was the batter standing in...
And all knew without a glance
That Wilson would be swinging..
But would he get his chance?

So for one last time Tug held the ball
And then he let it go.....
The air was shattered at the Vet
By the force of Wilson's blow..............................

Oh now in Philadelphia
The sun is shining bright!
The parade bands will play tomorrow
And at the party in the night.

Here all the fans are laughing
And the children all did shout...
There is so much joy in Tugville