Phillies Page Notice

Request from the Phillies

After being in existence for 5.5 seasons, the Phillies organization has discovered this site and asked that at a minimum, all logos and trademarks be removed as well as links to their radio broadcasts. I have complied with their requests and would ask your patience if you discover links which no longer work.

This site was originally created prior to the start of the '94 season to be a place where out of town phans like me could keep up with the Phighting Phils. Since then many professional sites have sprung up with up to the minute stats, pictures, and audio. I would ask for your comments about what you liked about this site and what things you'd like to see. There has been some discussion about turning this into Living History of the Phillies site, filled with phan stories about their favorite players, teams, and great moments. Not just facts and figures but feelings and impressions. But to do this, I will need your help. All submissions welcome.

Thank you for the many kind messages over the years.

Scott Orr - July 15, 1999